"Their dogs are so beautiful and breed and raised from great people. They are so knowledgeable and have the biggest hearts to open their home to the amount of dogs they care for! Michelle even checks in with us to see how he is and how vet checkups go! I highly recommend getting one of their amazing puppies, you will not be disappointed! "



" I looked at dozens of cane corso puppies for two years, and hadn't felt that instant connection until Vinnie placed my puppy in my arms and I just knew. I have never met an animal more well mannered, attentive, loving, and so eager to please before. The dog who these amazing people have blessed me with has changed my life. I am forever grateful! "

Nesta Marley Lee - 7 months.jpg

Nesta Marley

" We got our beautiful Cane Corso when he was 4 months old from Vinnie who was amazing to deal with. He absolutely adores his dogs and has remained in contact with us tracking his growth and progress. Our puppy, Nesta is now 9 months old and an absolute joy to have "

    Cheech & Luna

"We never thought it was possible to love dogs more than we already did.. and then we meet Manganiello's Cane Corso! There are not enough words to describe all the thanks, appreciation and love that my husband I have for Manganiello's Cane Corsos, there is so much passion and love that they put in to this amazing breed."

Saw the ad in “Dog World Magazine” and was blown away at how gorgeous they are ! I had never heard of this breed, but am now a huge fan and would love one !!
— Barbara Richards
Best quality, full breed, high quality Cane Corso’s in New Jersey!!!! THE BEST!!! Vinnie is very knowledgeable and professional and very friendly. You can tell that he really loves his Corso’s!
— Will Sanchez
This is long overdue, but almost 4 years ago my son and I after a lot of research decided we wanted a Cane Corso. After that, we read up a bit more and luckily found Vinnie. We spoke for a bit, then made arrangements to come for a visit. My father took the ride with me, and when we arrived we were greeted by a pack of friendly gentle giants. Btw my father is nervous/scared around dogs. ( was bit as a kid) and felt completely comfortable in Vinnie’s home... Then Vinnie introduced us to Smalls, and the rest is history. Smalls is everything a Cane Corso should be! He is loved by everyone who meets him, and we have been told by 2 vets he should be the “poster dog” for the Cane Corso breed. I have seen his urge to protect, and not just his family but the rest of the animals in our house. He has a personality as big as he is, and the heart to match! If you’re looking for a quality Cane Corso, look no further Vinnie is the guy you want..!
— Donald A Kraus